Noel Spangler

A Serious Need for Play: Design With Unity In Mind

War, terrorism, poverty, global warming, corporate greed…According to the wisdom of the ancient seers and modern-day mystics, the world is fast approaching a ‘crisis point’ in which the fate of humanity will depend upon its ability to awaken from its current ego-induced “trance” and enter into a new dimension of consciousness based on a more unfied perception of reality. This thesis proposes a model of “play” that is non-goal-oriented, unstructured, and paradoxical in nature, which is intended to expand awareness by loosening the mental boundaries that reinforce our sense of separation from ourselves and the planet.


Noel Spangler was trained in fine art and earned his Bachelor’s degree in film from Vassar College. At Pratt, he designed whimsical products and experiences for both children and adults. Noel’s study of philosophy and his practice of Transcendental Meditation has also served to stimulate his curiosity about the deeper nature of reality.