Carolyn B. Schaeberle

Beyond the Tap: Effectively Implementing Drinking Water Solutions in the Developing World

Over 2.2 million people, mostly in developing countries, die each year from diseases associated with poor water quality. There are a vast number of organizations that have developed viable technologies to supply a safe drinking water source to those affected by the world water crisis. However, providing clean water alone cannot eradicate the problem. In fact little has been done to address the problems associated with what happens “beyond the tap” (after the water has been purified) and how people interact with it. To place these concerns in context I have traveled to to rural Honduras where I observed the issues associated with the transportation and maintenance of clean water. I designed solutions to directly improve their existing methods. It is my intention that these solutions can be implemented around the world.


Growing up in New Hampshire, Carolyn dreamed of becoming a ballerina. Twenty years later, she hung up her pointe shoes and picked up a power drill. After receiving her Engineering degree from Smith College she went on to work for DEKA, developer of the Segway. She realized that she was more fascinated with how people interacted with the technologies being developed rather than the technologies themselves.