Chang-Yen Tsai

Structural Patterns

Any visual phenomenon can be recognized as a two dimensional pattern, and anything physical can be seen as a structural system. In the fields of pattern design and structure systems design, designers start from different perspectives and work in very different processes. Interestingly enough, the results of both are similarly recognized as continual patterns. However, patterns are usually graphic designers' last resort for filling awkward empty spaces, and in some circumstances patterns are only attached on the surface but not related to any functional aspects. On the other hand, the process of structure design is always involved with function and efficiency, but often shows a lack of aesthetic thought. There are some architects now focusing on designing sculptural structure systems, but pattern design in these circumstances is still generally an afterthought and not closely related to the entire design process.Therefore, in this thesis, I examine both structural systems design and pattern design, and hope to find a universal principle to combine these two fields.


Chang-Yen Tsai studied fine arts as an undergraduate and then became a public artist in Taiwan. He tries to incorporate his full range of life experience into his work in the field of industrial design, and is always looking for the perfect combination of functions and aesthetics in order to improve quality of life.