Lan Lin

What Do You See?

Color is everywhere in our daily lives but does everyone see it? I didn't for quite a long time until the year of 2002. In 2002, I started to take art and acting courses and I suddenly woke up to the sense of color. There are many New Yorkers who say that New York City lacks subtlety in color and is mostly dark: buildings, streets, subways and signs, etc., are dull, grey and depressing. How can we designers improve this situation? How can we designers change people's impressions of NYC? My concept is to "break the rules" and hopefully to use this idea as a tool for other designers and artists to use in their works. Challenging thought patterns makes designers and artists open their eyes, and allows all people to see the world differently. We are in the new era of color!


Born in Beijing, China, Lan has now lived in NYC for the past twelve years. With a background in Chinese Literature and Computer Science, she has worked across a number of different fields, including Advertising, PC Game Design, Touch Screen Kiosk Development, Programming, etc. Lan is currently a part-time radio DJ in NY and teaches both language and art on the weekends. In studying Industrial Design, she is finally pursuing her dream of self-realization as a thinker and a designer, constant in her passion for life. Lan loves what her thesis advisor, Frederick, once said: “as a designer, you have to be a child, who has a sense of responsability.”