Jerod Hugghin

The Soul of the Foot: Innovations in
Footwear Inspired by Human Biomechanics

The human foot is an amazing piece of anatomical design. The subtle movements and arched structure of the foot make it possible for humans to stand upright and propel themselves while supporting and balancing the weight of the body. However, footwear has been developed throughout history as rigid soles strapped to the feet. This basic construction continues to this day, with ergonomic innovations limited to inserts or additions to the flat, rigid soles that actually harm the feet. In this thesis, I have extrapolated the basic skeletal structure into a new form of a shoe sole. One which moves with the foot, an innovation that could change the way shoes work.


Jerod was born and raised in Austin, Texas. He received a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from A&M University and for a time, worked as in the oil and gas industry in Houston. He moved to New York to pursue an Industrial Design career, a field which he hoped would allow him the creativity and expression he always wished for.